Our Story

Mirror Ministries is the result of several years of learning, research, awareness-raising, prayer, and outreach. What began as a ministry through a local church turned into a nation-wide educational experience, an annual hotel outreach, and the beginning of local survivor services. We have stepped out in faith time and again, trusting God to catch us and to light the way for the next step. We are joyfully anticipating the next leg of this journey!

There are several images that resonated with us when we chose the name Mirror Ministries:

eyeOur shared humanity is reflected in the face of every victim of exploitation. We see each one as an individual of inherent dignity and worth. Empathy inspires justice. This is the impetus behind SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience.


Girl Looking At Herself In The Mirror We pray that every survivor of human trafficking will one day be able to look in the mirror and see reflected back a person in inherent dignity and worth. Mirror Ministries advocates come alongside survivors of the sex trade and help them see themselves the way God created them rather than the way they have been treated.


final-micah6-preview The book of James likens the Word of God to a mirror: you can look into it and act based on what you see. We want to look into the Word of God and do what we see reflected there, including acting with justice, mercy, and humility.


WE WANT TO REFLECT THE GRACE WE HAVE RECEIVED TO VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS OF EXPLOITATION. We want to reflect the grace we have received to victims and survivors of exploitation. All of these images find their central point in this image: Reflecting the grace of God to victims and survivors of human trafficking. God’s grace is shown in the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus as he entered into the suffering of humanity, was unjustly accused, condemned and killed, and was raised to life again, triumphing over suffering, injustice, and death. We have received unending grace in our times of need, when we have had no options, and when we have been enslaved to sin. We want to reflect the grace we have received to victims and survivors of human trafficking.