Mirror Ministries crowd funding campaign with WeRaise

Join Mirror Ministries in raising $10,000 to help local victims of sex trafficking

Mirror Ministries recently launched a crowd funding campaign on WeRaise to raise at least $10,000 that will go toward supporting a second advocate and our survivor services programs where we directly help local victims of sex trafficking in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Help us help even more victims of sex trafficking by donating to our campaign at https://weraise.wheatridge.org/en/projects/37489-Reflecting-God-s-grace-to–Victims-and-Survivors-of-Sex-Trafficking. Our deadline for raising funds is Aug. 31, 2017.


Reflecting God’s Grace to Victims and Survivors of Sex Trafficking from Mirror Ministries on Vimeo.

The number of human trafficking survivors we continue to help has risen dramatically in the past year, which made hiring a second advocate crucial this year. On average, we help an average of 25 clients per week and have an extended list of more than 80 clients that we reach out to who may not be quite ready for our services.

We are incredibly grateful for the generous community members who have continued to support us from our early beginnings to now, and we kindly thank our generous contributors who have donated to our campaign so far. Please help us help even more victims right here in the Tri-Cities!

God bless!

Tri-City Ninja Warrior

Have you ever wanted to try out for American Ninja Warrior? Or maybe just see how well you’d hold up in a similar obstacle course? Now you have a chance to try it out right here in your hometown!

Team Integrity Training is hosting a series of Ninja Challenges all summer long, with proceeds from entrance fees benefiting Mirror Ministries! It’s like American Ninja Warrior, Tri-City-style!

Compete solo or in teams of 5, as many times as you want over the summer (entrance fee required for each challenge). Fastest solo competitor will receive a $250 grand prize, while the overall team champions will receive $2000 plus gear from Team Integrity’s sponsors! The group winner at each event will also receive gear as prizes.

Low element events will include: 

ROPE LADDER CRAWL- Testing core strength and balance. 

LOW COURSE RELAY- Testing Balance, Teamwork, Coordination. 

THE WALL- Testing Strength and teamwork.

OBSTACLE RELAY- Testing Strength and endurance.

High Element events will include:

VERTICAL JUNKYARD- Will test coordination, balance, strength and teamwork 

CATWALK- Will test nerve and balance

BURMA BRIDGE- Will test Balance 

ROPE CLIMB- Will test strength (1 will compete)

First Race day is June 10th from 9 to 6 pm. Learn more and register at Team Integrity Training Ninja Challenge and invite your friends with the Facebook event page!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

We live in a culture that justifies sexual violence against women and children by blaming the choices they have made, whether or not those choices are perceived as related to the exploitation or abuse. It is in this culture that a commercially sexually exploited child can be viewed as a “teen prostitute” who actively chose to be in “the life.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, and it’s important to remember that sexual exploitation is a form of sexual assault. It’s on us to provide better options for vulnerable women and youth. It’s on us to change perceptions. It’s on us to prevent sexual assault in all its forms and to support survivors. Spread the word.

New Therapy Programs!

Survivors of human trafficking have enormous hurdles to overcome. We work hard to ease those hurdles as each survivor walks her path to freedom.

Mirror Ministries’ Survivor Services utilizes Specialized Human Trafficking Advocates as an essential piece in the fight against human trafficking here in the Tri-Cities. Our advocates build relationships with vulnerable youth and adults to identify victims of human trafficking and to support survivors on the long road toward freedom.

In 2016, we served thirty-eight youth survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, commonly known as sex trafficking. With expanded employee and volunteer capacity, we are poised to serve even more survivors in 2017.

We are implementing new therapy programs to support survivors on their journey to freedom, and we need your help to make these programs and other services available to all survivors in the Tri-Cities who are signing up. A donation of $10 or more would be a greatly appreciated contribution to these therapy programs. Learn more about these programs below. We are also seeking donations of guitars for our music therapy classes.

Music Therapy Music has been used as a therapeutic tool for centuries and has been shown to affect many areas of the brain, including the regions involved in emotion, cognition, sensation, and movement. This impact, combined with the engaging nature of music and the diversity of music forms, makes music uniquely effective in the treatment of a wide array of physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety, and hypertension.

Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being and is effective with children, adolescents, adults, families and groups. The creative process involved in expressing oneself artistically can help people resolve issues as well as process and manage their feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

Equine Therapy Working with horses allows the client to develop a relationship by learning and practicing skills that are crucial to healthy interactions while experiencing the unconditional acceptance from the horse. Equine therapy has shown to have many positive benefits when correctly taught by certified therapists. These benefits include: Confidence, Self-Efficacy, Self-Concept, Communication, Trust, Perspective, Decreased Isolation, Self-Acceptance, Impulse Control, Social Skills, Boundaries, and Spiritual Connection.

These new therapy programs will help ease the hurdles for survivors of human trafficking as they press on toward freedom. Please consider making a donation of $10 or more toward Mirror Ministries’ Survivor Services or contact us to donate your guitar.

In addition to your donation, support Mirror Ministries while you shop by choosing us as your charity to support at smile.amazon.com and through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program at fredmeyer.com/communityrewards.

Community Awareness Walks

Mirror Ministries is starting Community Awareness Walks at 6p on the 3rd Friday of each month.
Community Awareness Walks guide groups of up to 12 in how to identify potential human trafficking victims in a public setting and what steps to take when signs are identified.


Pre-walk talk – Group safety,  signs of human trafficking including behavior, actions to take depending on circumstances
Walk – In pairs, walk around the area, watching for signs of human trafficking
Post-walk debrief – Discuss what we saw, what stood out, conversations engaged in


These crucial identification and intervention tools are imparted to a new group of people every month, providing our community with caring people who are aware, watching, and able to intervene. To sign up for the next Community Awareness Walk, email murphy@mirror-ministries.org.

Celebrating 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017

Thank you for helping us reflect the grace of God to victims and survivors of human trafficking in 2016!

Because of your prayer, time, energy, and financial donations, Mirror Ministries has been actively working for the prevention and intervention of human trafficking in the Tri-Cities. We are happy to report that your support is making a difference in Benton and Franklin Counties and beyond!

A probation officer recently asked one of our clients how it’s going with her Mirror Ministries advocate. She had been reluctant at first and needed some encouragement to participate. She replied, “I’m so glad you made me do it. I was wondering what that white girl was all about, but I really, really like her. It’s made a big difference in my life.”

Check out our infographics to see more ways your support has made a difference in 2016 for SUDS, Sold, and Survivor Services.

As we embark on the new year, we are excited for the vision God has given us to continue to raise awareness and serve survivors of human trafficking. We are eagerly anticipating the hiring of a new full-time advocate and a part-time advocate. We are working to further develop our Survivor Services processes and to provide our clients with a greater range of services. We depend on donations, prayer, and volunteer time from supporters like you to make this vision a reality.

To see this reality happen, we have a goal of increasing our monthly sponsorship by a dozen supporters in 2017. If you have not already, would you please consider becoming a monthly supporter? To sign up, just click here to log in to Paypal or call our office at 509-783-5730.

Thank you for your outpouring of grace on the women and youth Mirror Ministries serves and making these small victories possible!




Human Trafficking Awareness Day – 1/11/17


January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Awareness about injustice is the first step to combatting it. Once individuals and communities are aware, they can take steps to prevent, identify, and address human trafficking.

How will you celebrate Human Trafficking Awareness Day? Here are some ideas:

  • Post information about human trafficking (like this or this) using the hashtag #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay, letting your friends know what it is and that it happens in their communities.
  • Participate in an online training to educate yourself on ways to recognize, assist, and support trafficked persons.
  • Pray for victims, perpetrators, survivors, and organizations working to address human trafficking (see our prayer requests below).
  • Become a monthly financial partner to support Mirror Ministries.
  • Donate used items to Mirror Ministries (see donation list below).
  • Set up your AmazonSmile account or Fred Meyer Rewards account to support Mirror Ministries.

Contact us at info@mirror-ministries.org at or (509)783-5730 to arrange for drop off or pick-up of donations.


Pray for Mirror Ministries:

SUDS Hotel Outreach
  • Hotel staff to follow through on the BEST training
  • Guests to be more aware and motivated to learn/do more
  • Law enforcement’s safety, wisdom, compassion and understanding of what is beneath the surface
SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience
  • We are working on a Spanish version of SOLD! Pray for voice actors, a recording engineer willing to donate the large amount of time and equipment needed for the project, and a producer to head it up.
  • Recruiting more local hosts. We just did a showing at Richland Nazarene, and are talking with Hillspring and WSU Tri-Cities for Spring 2017.
  • More travel teams!
Survivor Services
  • Continue to pray for our volunteers as they counsel and support survivors via phone and in person. May God speak clearly through the volunteer who is responding whenever those calls come in.
  • We are hiring! Pray for discernment in selecting from several qualified applicants as we conduct interviews this week.

Now Hiring!

We are hiring!

Seeking a full-time and a part-time Human Trafficking Advocate positions. Download job descriptions below.

Full-time Advocate Job Description

Part-time Advocate Job Description

Please send a completed job application and resume to info@mirror-ministries.org to apply.

Specialized Human Trafficking Advocates are an essential piece in the fight against human trafficking in the Tri-Cities, Washington. Our advocates build relationships with vulnerable youth and adults to identify victims of human trafficking and to support survivors on the long road toward freedom.


Advocates like this have proven successful as powerful, personal solutions to serving survivors of human trafficking.

Our Specialized Human Trafficking Advocates also coordinate with resources and agencies to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors, educates about human trafficking, and engages in outreach throughout the Tri-Cities community.

Our Advocate Hotline (509) 212-9995 is available 24/7 for victims, survivors, and their friends and family.