Courage 2020 Sponsorship Drive

Monthly Sponsorship Makes Our Work Possible

God has called us to a big, courageous goal:

$100,000 in monthly pledges over the next year.

Monthly support makes it possible for us to walk alongside survivors for the long-haul. It keeps our Outreach Center open, our therapies, classes, and support groups going strong, and our advocates available. We can be there when he needs someone to talk to. We can provide the space, supplies and guidance when she needs to unwind and process through art. And we can reflect God's grace to survivors day in and day out.

Would you consider a beginning a monthly sponsorship today?

We have raised $46,080.66 of our $100,000.00 goal.

Your God Will Be With You Wherever You Go

Time and time again, God proves that He is more than capable, despite circumstances that seem insurmountable. Like with Joshua, Gideon, and David. God commands us to obey His calling with COURAGE, because He will be with us wherever we go.

That’s what we did when we started Mirror Ministries, not knowing where it might take us, but faithfully following His lead. That’s what we’ve been doing as we continue to grow and walk alongside survivors.

That’s what each new client does as she reaches for hope, deciding to trust our advocates, even though she has been betrayed time and time again.

And that’s what you, our supporters and champions did, when you showed up to our online fundraiser and gave sacrificially in the midst of an uncertain time.

When we step out in faith and courage, God is right there, proving that He’s got it all under control. The Midianites turn on each other. The giant underestimates his opponent and takes a hit. The walls come tumbling down. And our annual fundraiser had nearly double the turnout of previous years, even in the midst of a pandemic!

He provided thousands MORE than our $50,000 goal for this fundraiser, with the total one-time gifts coming in at $66,770.25!