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All is Calm, All is Bright

Weighted blankets bring clients a sense of calm amidst a life of stress.

Caroline* is a young mom battling drug addiction while holding down a job, but the monster of meth keeps pulling her back into the storm. Men who manipulated her into sex trafficking introduced her to crack so they could use her addiction against her.

As Caroline tried to overcome her addiction, staff at our local detox center recognized the signs of sex trafficking. They made a phone call, and a Mirror Ministries advocate came to meet her. Now Caroline is trying to withstand the storm of addiction through faith and support from her trafficking advocate.

When new clients like Caroline first come to the Outreach Center, we now have Capeable weighted blankets to provide a calming atmosphere.


Survivors of complex trauma - like those who have endured years of sex trafficking - have high rates of PTSD, with constant states of hypervigilance and stress arousal. For survivors like this, there is never a moment of peace. All is stress, all is anxiety.

At our Mirror Ministries Outreach Center, we have a variety of resources and activities to help our clients begin to deal with the trauma, starting with a safe space just to calm down. Comfortable couches and chairs, cozy blankets, huggable stuffed animals, and Capeable weighted blankets provide the setting, while caring, trained volunteers and staff build trust and show them there are adults who will help them rather than harm them.

Next, we offer counseling in the Breakthrough room, art therapy, group therapy, cooking class, yoga, equestrian therapy, and more. Each survivor has a unique journey to a place of peace, hope, and independence. Each of these activities are stepping stones along the way, serving a different role for each client.

That’s where our new position of Therapeutic Services Director comes in.

Together, our two advocates provide intensive case management for an average of 60 clients per month. A Therapeutic Services Director will come alongside these advocates, coordinating all the pieces of each client’s healing journey into a cohesive whole, best suited for that individual to help them continue growing and to thrive. This client needs counseling, art therapy, group therapy and cooking class. That client thrives with music lessons, cooking class, yoga and group therapy. A third does all those plus equestrian therapy.

This new staff position will take a load off the advocates’ and Executive Director’s shoulders so they have more time to devote to their more pressing duties, while coordinating a therapeutic program to better serve each client. 

Give the gift of hope and peace this Christmas with a donation to Mirror Ministries.

Our budget for 2019 includes this new staff member, as well as other improvements to better serve survivors of sex trafficking. At the moment, we are still short about $17,000.

Will you help us meet our goal by the end of 2018? Donate today to give the give of peace this holiday season.  

You can also donate in a loved one’s honor as a Christmas gift. Just email us at to let us know your donation is a gift, and we will send an email to the recipient on Christmas Day letting them know, or send you a pdf of printable card to give in person.

Together, we can support each client to help her come to a place of peace, where she can truly celebrate times where “All is Calm, All is Bright.”

*Name has been changed to protect client’s identity.

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