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Courage: Livestream Breakfast Fundraiser

Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00 am10:00 am
Your Home!

Online exploitation is rapidly expanding with the current pandemic. This leaves children more vulnerable to online predators, those without work more vulnerable to exploitation, and the whole system more difficult to expose. Without our services, victims of sexual exploitation would be even further from hope than ever.

We have a saying that “healing happens in relationship.” Because of that reality, the current health guidelines are hitting survivors of trauma especially hard. Without in-person relationships, their healing could stall out or regress.

That’s why we have set up ways to meet safely, one-on-one or in small, outdoor groups, with our clients. We are continuing to build those key relationships our clients need to grow and heal.

Your generosity makes these programs possible for survivors. The results of our annual breakfast fundraiser typically provide services for about 5 survivors each month, roughly 10% of our annual funding. God has a way of making good out of difficult situations. By moving our annual fundraiser out of one large room and into homes through livestreaming, we have the potential to reach even more people with our vision of hope.

You can fulfill a vital role in these survivors’ lives just by participating in our Livestream Fundraiser!

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