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Arise: Livestream Breakfast Fundraiser

Saturday, September 25, 2021
9:00 am11:00 am
Your Home!

ARISE. You fulfill a vital role in these survivors’ lives!  We are asking every supporter of Mirror Ministries to be a host for a small gathering in their homes. Friends inviting like-minded friends, to eat breakfast and participate in our virtual fundraising event on the morning of Saturday, September 25th.

Your hosting, and your generosity, make it possible for local victims to find freedom, to ARISE from the ashes to see their true value and worth as they go through restoration. As a host, you will be provided with the training you need to make your event simple and successful. You can select your training date on the following page.

The results of our annual fundraising breakfast typically provide services for about 10 survivors each month, roughly 20% of our annual funding. That is you bringing freedom and restoration to another 120 girls in our community.

ARISE. Children in our community are being commercially sexually exploited - their young bodies being bought and sold for sex, their minds and souls trapped by the trauma. Young children like Annie, whose mom sold her to men starting when she was just three years old.  Pre-teens like 11 year old Taylor who was groomed and exploited online last year. We must hear them, see them, and bring freedom.

ARISE. Mirror Ministries’ exists to reflect the grace of God to these local victims and survivors of sex trafficking through local education, intervention, restoration, and aftercare. We have seen over 350 local victims find freedom through Mirror Ministries services, but more than freedom, they have found hope, healing, and restoration. Kids like Annie and Taylor.

ARISE. Like the little girl mentioned in the Gospel of Mark, through the healing power of Christ, these children can rise to new life!

ARISE. Stand up for the vulnerable and the oppressed, as Isaiah commanded God’s people to “pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted.”

ARISE. Let the light of God’s glory be reflected through you, as you “arise and shine” as people of the coming Kingdom of God.

Let’s ARISE together to bring more than freedom for local trafficking victims. Register today!

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