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Street Outreach Training

Thursday, September 15, 2022
8:00 am11:00 am
Meeting at the Mirror Ministries Outreach Center

*Why Mirror Ministries commits to weekly Street Outreach*
Street Outreach in the manner that we are on the front lines- going out to look for those who are being exploited. The individuals who are being exploited take notice that we are looking specifically for them, taking the time to talk and bring them resources. We are building relationships with them- these individuals have been told repeatedly that they are not worth anything, that no one wants them, that no one is looking for them, and that no one cares about them.

When we make contact and build the relationship - It could be one week or even six weeks, but eventually, they will come to Mirror Ministries for help, hope, and. restoration!
The other side to this point is that the advocate is building a relationship by making that weekly commitment to go see that individual who is sexually exploited, which creates trust between the exploited individual and the advocate. This trust is what allows the individual to come to Mirror Ministries.

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