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SOLD Experience

SOLD Experience

Much more than just an exhibit, SOLD is a multi-sensory experience that will educate you on the shocking reality of human trafficking, both locally and globally. Drawing participants into the lives of victims in nine different parts of the world, SOLD provides participants with the hope , education and resources necessary to begin responding to human trafficking with justice, mercy, and humility.

Participants will listen as they become the main character in the story of a different victim of human trafficking in each room. These stories are dramatized accounts based on actual events.

The goals of SOLD are to educate and move to action. We hope each person will come away with an increased awareness of human trafficking and a better understanding of how to address it. We also hope each person will be inspired to take small steps to live each day with justice and mercy. Finally, we hope that participants will begin to grapple with the deeper issues of God’s love and sovereignty and justice, the evil in the world, and their own part in God’s plan of bringing justice.

When people start recognizing human trafficking, most want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start. They feel overwhelmed with the monstrosity of the problem.

SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience is designed with small, practical steps participants can take. Right there in the experience, participants can sign a petition, label a bar of soap, and download the Free2Work app. In the Response Room, participants can write a prayer, chalk a one- or two-word response, create an awareness video, and pick up a Plan for Action.

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