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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is Esther’s Home? Esther’s Home is the vision God has given Mirror Ministries and the next step in serving victims of sex trafficking in our community. This home will offer 24-hour, wrap-around care for survivors. Esther’s Home will be a safe place where a victim can become a victor with the help of specialized advocates, counseling, and life skills.

How did the idea for a restoration home for victims of sex trafficking develop? It didn’t have a name in 2011, but Esther’s Home began with a movement of hope at a local church. God’s leading was to start with community-based advocates and the Mirror Ministries Outreach Center. Survivors can drop in any time, as well as attend scheduled activities and therapies at this day center.

Why are you calling it Esther’s Home? Esther’s Home is named after Esther in the Bible. In the book of Esther we are introduced to a young girl who is taken into slavery and forced into the king’s harem to be used at his whim. That young girl not only found her freedom, she brought freedom to all of her people through her faithful obedience to God. No human should ever be bought and sold. But even in the midst of that, God can bring freedom and glory. We want every girl we serve to know Esther’s strength and dignity for herself.

How Will Esther’s Home be used? Esther’s Home will be in a welcoming, rural location that is private and discreet. The plan will include: residential housing; a place for the girls to attend school, receive counseling, and make use of recreational space; and equine therapy.

The first home will house six survivors. They will live together under the supervision of qualified, caring staff. The girls will learn to work together and build healthy relationships in a therapeutic environment. They will also learn life and job skills. There will be on-site education with trauma-informed teachers. The long-range plan is for three houses to serve a total of 18 girls at a time on that same property. Residents will stay up to two years.

Are there similar homes available? We have visited and spoken with many other facilities to determine the best practices available for Esther’s Home. However, there is currently nowhere to send these minor-aged victims within our state. It requires strong faith, inspired therapy, and love to deal with the layer upon layer of trauma that these victims have. Families are torn apart by this injustice, then additionally have to deal with the grief of sending family members away for care.



Potential Neighbors in Franklin County

I got a letter from Franklin County about a Conditional Use Permit. What is going on with Mirror Ministries in Pasco? We have recently signed a contract to purchase property within your community with the plan to build  the first Restoration Home for minor girls in Washington State. This Restoration Home will be a place for  young girls to heal from their past trauma and abuse. The purpose of a Restoration Home is to create a  safe, calm, and peaceful environment, conducive to healing from past trauma in a home like  environment. We have studied homes like this one, for over 10 years, across the nation, and we know  that healing from trauma has been proven possible in a therapeutic loving home like this. 

We have found the property on Alder Road to be perfect for this home. Franklin County requires a Conditional Use Permit for our Restoration Home as it is out of the standard Agricultural zoning but still within the ‘conditional use’. 

What would the property look like? It will look essentially as it does now. We plan to lease out the farming portion and use the current buildings with some remodeling. We hope to, eventually, have  three homes on the 20-acre property. Each home would house up to 6 girls providing a family style environment. Each girl would typically live there 1 to 2 years and then transition into a healthy family.  The girls will always be under direct care and supervision, with at least two awake staff members at  night. The 3 potential homes would all be able to share horses for equine therapy and a space for  activities and school work.

Will this bring a lot more traffic? There will be staff members driving out for shift rotations, but they will be caring and respectful as they  use your roads. The only individuals coming to the property will be background checked, thoroughly  vetted, and well-trained staff and volunteers. There will not be any family visits allowed on the property.  Per our Privacy Policy, any family visits would take place at our Outreach Center in Kennewick.

What does Mirror Ministries do? Why is a restoration home needed? Since 2014 Mirror Ministries has been serving people that have been abused through human trafficking  right here in our Tri-Cities. The need is great, but the hope, healing and restoration are even greater. We  have brought that freedom, hope, and healing to over 350 people in our community. At the Mirror  Ministries Outreach Center in the heart of Kennewick we offer therapeutic services and have seen great  life changes. But many of those we work with need a safe, loving place to live where they can  concentrate fully on their healing.  

Particularly the young girls need this because there is nowhere in our state that has such a program for our youth.  The home we are about to open would be the first for Washington state and we are hoping you will help  these kids know that you support them. We understand that this might bring up questions for you and  we would love to sit and talk with you so you can ask us directly about any concerns you may have.  

Will this bring criminals or dangerous people to the neighborhood? In our years doing this work in the heart of Kennewick, we have not seen any instances of threat or  danger from traffickers towards our staff, volunteers, or property. This is what we have seen across the nation from other homes and agencies as well. The traffickers simply aren’t coming after the girls once they are with people who care about them. We expect that to be the same at the Pasco home as well.  

To be safe and wise, we still always take precautions and have basic home safety and security measures  because we care about these kids and you, our neighbors. One big precaution is trying to give the girls privacy and respect by not advertising the address of the home. We would appreciate your assistance with that. The kids deserve our care and protection.  

Is this going to bring a lot of changes? We realize this is a farming community and fully expect to have crops sprayed, farm equipment buzzing, and people working at the crack of dawn. It comes with the territory. We are the new neighbors, and we will adjust to the community needs. 

One of the things that drew us to this property is that there are good neighbors -who do care. That means so much to us and these young girls. We look forward to being good neighbors.  

I have more questions. Who do I contact? We are looking for a peaceful, safe, kind place to build a home for these kids. Kids who just want to heal  and grow into strong resilient young women. Please contact our Executive Director Tricia MacFarlan at (509)948-8792 or with any questions, concerns, or encouragement. We look forward to talking with you. 



What is the timeline & budget for the project? Shortly before the Covid Pandemic, we started a capital campaign for $3.8 million. God has been faithful in spite of the challenges. We have $2 million dollars pledged from a variety of sources. The campaign has four stages, and we are entering Stage 3 as of August 2021. Our goal is to have the money raised by Easter of 2022 and be shoveling dirt mid-2022.

How will Esther’s Home be funded? Esther’s Home will be funded through generous private gifts, corporate gifts, and a variety of grants. The State of Washington has pledged $1 million toward property and improvements.

How will the funds be used? The first half of the funds will go to property and improvements.The bulk of the budget includes funding for the sustainability of staff and operations for the first 3 years of operation. Additionally, nearly $100,000 is set aside for furnishing a therapeutic environment where true healing can take place and hope can take root.

How do you plan to fund Esther’s Home once it’s built? Again, we have included the first three years of operating costs in our initial fundraising goal. Good stewardship is very important to us. We are using a model for fundraising that develops sustainable relationships and long-term champions. We understand that it is these relationships that will provide stability, prayer support, and on-going funding.  We believe this to be a God-given dream and trust God to finish the work He’s started as we continue to work faithfully and diligently where He leads. 

What does the campaign leadership look like? In addition to the Mirror Ministries Board of Directors, Esther’s Home is led by an Executive Campaign Team and managed by a Steering Committee led by Debbie Toner as Campaign Manager and Tricia MacFarlan, Executive Director for Mirror Ministries.The work of Mirror Ministries is supported by three advocates, an administrative assistant and a large number of volunteers, as well as community partnerships.

Are gifts to the capital campaign tax deductible? Yes, Mirror Ministries is a registered Washington State Non-Profit and 501c3. Gifts are deductible to the full extent of the law. Mirror Ministries’ Tax ID# is 47-2596483.

Why should I become a stakeholder by pledging a gift? We are asking that you prayerfully consider how God could use you in fulfilling this dream. We know you to be community-minded and applaud what you're already doing to serve God in the midst of our community.

While all gifts, regardless of amount or frequency are appreciated, pledging over three years typically allows for more substantial and sustainable support. Donors are asked to sign a pledge form as a good faith commitment. This pledge form allows for good record keeping and acknowledgment. 

What do I do if I have more questions about supporting Esther's Home or want to give a gift? We would love to sit with you, perhaps over coffee, and share some of the stories of restoration and transformation with you, or we can offer you a tour of our Outreach Center at your convenience. Contact Debbie Toner, Capital Campaign Manager at (509) 947-1316 or Tricia MacFarlan, Mirror Ministries Executive Director (509) 948-8792.

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