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What We Do

Esther's Home


  • This is a home for girls to feel safe to rest and find healing. Surrounding them with a safe and trustworthy community is essential.

  • A pastoral and serene property away from things that might trigger painful memories provides these young girls with a feeling of safety.

  • We are not a detox or rehab facility. Entering clients must have gone through rehab and be clean for 30 days before entering the program.

  • Residents are carefully screened before acceptance into the home, and upon entrance, for drugs, mental health, and fitness for the program.

  • State licensing for youth homes requires:

    • Youth on the property be within sight of a staff member at all times

    • Youth leaving the property to be escorted by a staff member

  • This is a private program for victims of complex trauma. All social contact will be carefully chosen to promote healing through relationships with vetted and trained staff and volunteers. Clients will not have contact with neighboring homes, their families, or guests.

  • Our safety and emergency plans take into account that pimps and traffickers can be a threat to the girls, and we work closely with local police and sheriffs. However, traffickers tend to take minimal risks for themselves and rarely, if ever, confront a former victim at a service facility. Though all the restoration homes we have researched nationwide have safety plans for this eventuality, not one has had this experience that we are aware of. Also, in our five years of offering services to survivors of all ages and backgrounds through our Mirror Ministries Outreach Center, we have never had such a situation arise while caring for over 170 survivors locally. 

  • Girls are not forced to stay at the home; it is a choice and a privilege. Safety plans are regularly discussed in case a girl feels the need to "run away". She can get assistance to get to a safe location from our staff.

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