Mirror Ministries is an equal-opportunity employer.

About Us:


Our Vision

To reflect the grace of God to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Our Mission

Mirror Ministries' mission is to respond to domestic minor sex

trafficking with the love of Christ through local education, intervention, restoration and aftercare. Our vision is to see local victims of sex trafficking become survivors who have hope, healing, and restoration.

Our Core Values

Respect - We respect the boundaries and needs of others.

Value - Every human being has inherent value as an individual created in the image of God, regardless of what they have done, what has been done to them, what they believe or what their background is.

Empower - We walk alongside others to empower them to choose freedom and healing. We know that we cannot save anyone or make their choices for them.

How We Achieve

We carry out our mission and vision in two specific ways:

Survivor Services - Direct assessment, intervention, and restoration for victims and survivors of sex trafficking in the Tri-Cities area through non-residential aftercare.

Education & Awareness - Through presentations, trainings, Princess not a Product, SUDS, and SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience

How To Partner & Serve With Us

It all begins with prayer and this application! As you complete the application, pray that the Lord would reveal where He is calling you to use your talents and gifts. A Mirror Ministries Staff will be in touch to set up an interview time. This is a time where you can hear more about our vision for Mirror Ministries and we can hear more about your heart for serving. 


Please note that this application will time out. It will not save for you to return to later.

If you cannot complete it in one setting, it is highly recommended that you save the heavy text items to a word document to copy and paste back in later. If you need reference information, collect it first, then return it to complete the application in one sitting. If required pieces, like a cover letter and resume, are not completed the application will not allow you to submit them.

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I understand that neither the completion of this application nor any other part of my consideration for employment establishes any obligation for Mirror Ministries to hire me. If I am hired, I understand that either Mirror Ministries or I can terminate my employment at any time and for any reason, with or without cause and without prior notice. I understand that no representative of Mirror Ministries has the authority to make any assurance to the contrary.
I attest that I have given to Mirror Ministries true and complete information on this application. No requested information has been concealed. I authorize Mirror Ministries to contact references provided for employment reference checks. If any information I have provided is untrue, or if I have concealed material information, I understand that this will constitute cause for the denial of employment or immediate dismissal.