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Mirror Ministries’ mission is to reflect the grace of God to victims and survivors of sex trafficking.

24/7 HOTLINE: 509.212.9995

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News & Notes

A Year of Momentum - 2018

We are seeing the clients we work with referring friends to our program, bringing hope to others. We are hearing from local partner agencies that they are seeing progress they have never seen before in clients they have worked with for years, because someone is now listening to the “why” of their issues and walking alongside them for support.

Survivors of complex trauma - like those who have endured years of sex trafficking - have high rates of PTSD, with constant states of hypervigilance and stress arousal. For survivors like this, there is never a moment of peace. All is stress, all is anxiety.

Blanca is a dedicated mother of three. When her pre-teen and two young teens starting making some new friends – usually a process that would delight a mother – Blanca became concerned. She heard stories of parties these friends had been to. Parties where sketchy things were happening and Blanca didn’t know for sure what these friends were up to. What she did know for sure was that warning signs were flaring...