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Reflections - Advent Devotional

Reflections: Advent and the Work of Mirror Ministries invites you into a transformative journey that melds the rich themes of Advent with the powerful mission of Mirror Ministries. Founded on faith and fueled by compassion, Mirror Ministries has grown from humble roots into a beacon of hope, dedicated to responding to domestic minor sex trafficking with the love of Christ.

The name "Mirror Ministries" bears a profound significance, rooted in both scriptural imagery and the organization's history. Like a mirror, this ministry reflects the shared humanity that binds us together, mirroring the faces of those affected by exploitation. Every individual, regardless of their past, is viewed as having inherent dignity and worth. This belief ignites the pursuit of justice, a mission exemplified in "SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience," an early educational initiative that guided participants through the harrowing journey of trafficking. The experience began and ended with participants facing a mirror revealing the word "SOLD" superimposed on their reflection, fostering understanding, empathy, and advocacy.

Mirror Ministries' calling is to walk beside survivors, helping them embrace their God-given identity rather than the dehumanizing labels they've endured. Scripture, often likening God's Word to a mirror, encourages us to confront injustice and evil. The Book of James underscores the idea that God's Word is a mirror, guiding our actions by the reflection of ourselves we see there. We hope that as you engage with God's Word in these devotionals, you will see things in a new light and be motivated to join our cause.

In "Reflections," Rev. Dr. Chris Haughee, Donor Development Manager and an experienced pastor in trauma-informed ministry, masterfully weaves the ministry's mission with the Advent and Christmas narrative. As we celebrate the birth of "God With Us," the embodiment of grace, this devotional beckons you to join in reflecting God's unwavering love, especially toward the resilient survivors Mirror Ministries serves.

Format of Each Devotional:

To ensure a meaningful Advent experience, "Reflections" employs a well-structured format:

Recenter: Each devotional begins with a moment of recentering, offering de-escalation and centering practices that benefit everyone, particularly those impacted by trauma. These practices enhance your healing journey and deepen your connection with God's Word.

Read: Immerse yourself in a scriptural reading from the traditional passages of Advent and Christmas, encouraging a fresh perspective and a receptive heart.

Reflections: Join us in thought-provoking reflections that bridge Mirror Ministries' mission with the timeless themes of Advent, offering fresh insights into God's Word and introducing you to our ministry's profound work.

Remember: In the midst of busy days, we provide a memorable phrase to take with you, a "handle" to carry the day's lessons forward.

Prayer: Each devotional closes with a suggested prayer, offering a springboard for your praises, concerns, and requests to the Lord as you reflect upon the day.

Reflections also encourages journaling or note-taking, allowing you to capture insights and reflections along your journey. Additionally, it includes "The Psalms and Songs of Advent" for those who wish to integrate these passages into their Advent practice, fostering moments of prayer and reflection throughout the day.

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