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Who We Are

Our Values and Guiding Principles

As an organization, we have identified five key values that we hold highly and twelve guiding principles. These values and principles guide and inform every decision we make. 

Our Values

Every human being has innate value and worth - regardless of how she or he has been treated and regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation – and ought to be treated with dignity.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) misuses power, hoarding it and wielding it to rob others of power. We reverse that, justly applying the power and resources we have as an organization to empower others to heal and make free choices.

CSE is a complex issue; no organization can address all facets. Individual survivors have complex sets of needs, and no one person can be all they need to heal. We work as a team, we build support networks for each client, and we partner with other organizations that provide complementary components to our programs.

We are compelled by the love of Christ to serve suffering people and motivate others to do the same. Our faith motivates all that we do, but we will never force others into the same faith.

Our mission requires every member of Mirror Ministries to act with integrity, doing the right thing no matter who is watching. We work hard to build and maintain credibility with clients, partners, and donors.

Our Guiding Principles

Foundation of Faith
Faith and our dependence on prayer and God’s Word are fundamental to us; without them, this ministry crumbles. We seek volunteers and staff with a solid relationship with our Lord. We do not require clients to participate in any religious or spiritual activities nor pressure them to believe in any creed.

We value the safety of our clients, staff, and volunteers. We protect client confidentiality and the location of the Outreach Center and Restoration Home. We take proactive safety measures at all Mirror Ministries locations while maintaining client dignity and autonomy.

Holistic Healing​
We seek to bring substantial healing in all areas of life for those we serve, including spiritual, emotional, social, economic, and physical health. Our goal for each client is to help them become whole, able to act responsibly, function with autonomy, and able to serve and empower others.

Compassionate Humility​ 
We serve out of love and compassion, knowing the innate value of those we serve. In the absence of pride and self-assurance, service can be both bold and tender.

Tenacious Grace​ 
We are not quick to give up on a difficult case. Our service comes without conditions and proceeds patiently and persistently with client cooperation. While we expect setbacks, we will not give up on any client but commit to reflecting on the grace of God in all circumstances.

Personalized and Equitable Care​
We carefully consider each person’s situation rather than superficial care or squeezing someone into a pre-made solution. With a personal investment of time and energy, we seek ways to bring each client to a place of empowerment.​ We serve all survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) regardless of creed, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference.

Survivor Support
Many victims of CSE are there because they have a broken support system. We identify, strengthen, and utilize any safe family relationships and connect our clients with a supportive community, including key connections with other survivors.

Team Approach
Each volunteer and staff member works with other team members to care for our clients. Staff and volunteers working directly with clients meet regularly to stay on the same page. Staff and volunteers working on related projects meet and communicate as needed to coordinate their efforts.

Staff/Volunteer Self-Care
It is essential to our mission for staff and volunteers to be as spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy as possible. We schedule purposeful therapeutic times for staff, provide regular respite for residential staff, and allow flexible schedules for paid staff. We provide pastoral care for staff, especially to debrief and process after crisis events.

Honor & Appreciation
We recognize that this work involves a great many people, including donors, volunteers, and staff. We honor these efforts, showing appreciation through various means both publicly and individually.

Financial Stewardship & Responsibility
We take the trust that donors and grant foundations place in us seriously and strive to steward that trust with integrity. We protect donor confidentiality. We keep clear bookkeeping and accounting records and have an annual third-party audit.

Community Partnerships
We partner with local, statewide, and national organizations that provide complementary components to CSE service, as we understand that no one organization can address all the inherent issues. Our focus is on community education, intervention, and healing for survivors within our reach.

Our Partners