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Who We Are

Our Values

As an organization, we have identified five key values that we hold highly. These guide and inform every decision we make. 

Our Values

Dignity. Every human being has innate value and worth - regardless of how she or he has been treated, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation – and ought to be treated with dignity.
Empowerment. Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) misuses power, hoarding it and wielding it to rob others of power. We reverse that, justly applying the power and resources we have as an organization to empower others to heal and make free choices. Community. CSE is a complex issue and no one organization can address all the facets. Individual survivors have complex sets of needs, and no one person can be all they need to heal. We work as a team, we build support networks for each client, and we partner with other organizations that provide complementary components to our programs.
Faith. We are compelled by the love of Christ to serve suffering people and motivate others to do the same. Our faith motivates all that we do but we will never force others into the same faith.
Integrity. Our mission requires every member of Mirror Ministries to act with integrity, doing the right thing no matter who is watching. We work hard to build and maintain credibility with clients, partners, and donors.

Our Partners