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Esther's Home

Restoration Home for Survivor Youth

Vision is becoming a reality!

Years ago, Mirror Ministries envisioned building and opening a home for local and regional survivors of sex trafficking. Victims of sex trafficking have experienced complex trauma over long periods of months or years. Through our drop-in Outreach Center, we have helped survivors leave exploitation, start new jobs, return to school, or start college.

Imagine how much more we could accomplish with the intensive, wraparound residential care these survivors need to thrive long-term. A pastoral and serene-feeling property, away from things that trigger painful memories, will give these young girls a feeling of safety. A home where young victims can feel safe and cherished, learn to trust, begin to heal, and become victors over the horrific trauma they have endured.

We are now on the cusp of making this vision a reality. Learn more about this project and how you can help local youth rise above their horrific circumstances to grasp a future of hope.

  • Based on years of research, visits with other restoration homes across the country, and study of most promising practices, we have prayerfully developed this list of needs for the location of the restoration home.

  • Beginning with a home for five girls, we plan to eventually add two more houses on the same property to care for five girls each.

  • Based on studies and most promising practices, our wraparound therapeutic programming will provide survivors with the best chance of restoration.

  • Safety is one of our key values - for our clients, staff, and neighbors. Our safety plans, based on our research of similar homes nationwide and most promising practices, minimize risk and improve healing at our restoration home.

  • Are you considering being involved in Esther's Home? Or a potential neighbor curious about what Esther's Home would look like in your community? Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Ready to help survivors of sex trafficking heal through long-term relationships in a healthy environment? Questions or comments? Contact Tricia MacFarlan at 509-783-5730 or or donate today at

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