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What We Do

Esther's Home

Restoration Home for Survivor Youth

Welcome to Esther’s Home – a haven of hope and restoration for survivors of sex trafficking. Born from the vision of Mirror Ministries and inspired by the calling of God, Esther’s Home is now open and ready to embrace clients with 24-hour, wrap-around care. Named after Esther from the Bible, a symbol of strength and dignity, we believe that no human should be bought and sold. Just as Esther found freedom and brought it to her people, we aim to empower every girl we serve with the same strength and dignity.

The idea for Esther’s Home began in 2011 as a movement of hope at a local church. Initially nameless, it evolved through community-based advocates and the Mirror Ministries Outreach Center where survivors can drop in anytime, participating in scheduled activities and therapies at the day center. 
As the first residential home opens, we plan for three homes to serve five girls each, with residents staying up to two years. Esther’s Home stands out as a unique initiative, as there is currently no similar facility within our state for minor-aged victims.

At Esther’s Home, we envision a future where survivors triumph over adversity, reclaiming their lives with newfound strength and skills, creating a ripple effect of positive change in their communities.

Ready to make a difference? Click the button below to contribute essential items for Esther’s Home and be a part of the transformative journey towards healing and restoration for survivors. Your support makes a lasting impact.




LOOKING BACK | Construction Slideshow

Over the course of 2023 quite a lot went into the remodeling of a small farm house and shop in Franklin County.  The transformation was amazing and was only eclipsed by the effort of the incredible volunteers that made Esther's Home a reality. Take a stroll through some of the images we took along the way. The memory of the project and the joy of cutting the ribbon will not soon fade from our memories and will never leave our hearts.  Thank you all for helping in whatever way you were able.

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