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Survivor Services

Regain Power. Receive Respect. Rediscover your Value.

Mirror Ministries exists to serve the diverse needs of survivors of human trafficking. This starts with specialized Human Trafficking Advocates equipped to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors who can coordinate with resources and agencies to meet those needs, educate about human trafficking, and engage in outreach throughout the Tri-Cities community. Our Survivor Services continue at our Outreach Center, where daily scheduled activities help you survive and thrive.

Our advocates provide professional case management to help you:


  • A safe & trusting relationship with your advocate
  • Safe & effective faith-based community support
  • A safety plan
  • Education and training goals
  • Relocation plans as needed
  • A transition plan

Identify & Develop:

  • Sources of support
  • Coping strategies


  • Resources for basic needs (food, clothing, housing)
  • Health & medical care
  • Mental health services
  • Counseling
  • Legal assistance
  • Long-term residential programs for survivors of sex trafficking
  • Drug & alcohol treatment facilities
  • Spanish and Mandarin translators
  • Hospital support
  • Emotional support
  • Transportation
  • Immediate relocation service

Our goal is that every survivor we serve will one day be able to look in the mirror and see reflected back a person of inherent dignity and worth. Mirror Ministries advocates come alongside you for the long-term and help you see yourself the way God created you rather than the way you have been treated.

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