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Current Needs

See our Donation Needs Wish List on Amazon (Be sure to shop through AmazonSmile and choose Mirror Ministries!).

Our Current Needs:

Outreach Center Supplies

  • Holiday gifts 
  • Birthday bags
  • Baby shower packages
  • Shower kits
  • Outreach bags
  • Welcome bags
  • Fidget toys 
  • Therapeutic coloring books
  • Quality 2-ply toilet paper

Kitchen and Food Items

  • Dinner for a dozen on Thursday!!!  (we have dinner together on Thursday before our support group)
  • Fresh fruit and veggies on Mondays
  • Individual shelf-stable drinks (Pop, juice, water, Gatorade, chocolate milk)
  • Individually packaged shelf-stable snacks
  • Sour gummy candies
  • Chocolates


  • 4 iPads for staff working with clients on the go
  • Large flat screen monitor

Outdoor Activities:

  • Fast track tickets (seasonal)
  • White water rafting
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
  • Trip to ocean shores
  • Silverwood tickets for group
  • Seattle zoo and aquarium group tickets
  • Goldmyer Hot Springs Trail, North Bend, WA
  • Burgdorf Hot Springs, ID. 

Donate Gift cards:

  • Phone card minutes for "Tracfone" and "PayLo by Virgin"
  • Bus passes
  • Walmart (for clients to shop for new personal items)
  • Gas cards
  • Lunch cards (Taco Bell, McDonald’s, etc.)
  • Coffee cards (for staff to treat others to coffee)
  • iTunes (buy uplifting music for clients’ MP3 players)
  • Audible books
  • Movie passes
  • Concert and event tickets (Christian concerts, fair & rodeo, Broadway shows, sports events, movies, etc.)

Contact Tricia MacFarlan at or (509) 783-5730 for in-kind donations.


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