Together, we can walk alongside survivors as they walk toward freedom and healing. Supporters like you make it possible for survivors of sex trafficking to walk with confidence, knowing someone they can trust is by their side.

Monthly Pledges:

We have raised $47,357.66 of our $100,000.00 goal.

One-Time Donations:

We have raised $59,700.00 of our $65,000.00 goal.

Healing comes in ups in and downs. We're committed to being by each clients' side for all of them. Whether she needs a warm hug, a helping hand, or someone to cheer her on, our advocates and volunteers are with her every step of the way. 

Your support before the end of 2020 makes it possible for us to walk with survivors for another year. We set a goal of $65,000 in one-time gifts to make up for a significant funding source we have gratefully received for the past several years, but which will not be renewed in 2021. Help us more than replace this funding with widespread, local support!

Consider turning your one-time donation into recurring, monthly support - an even more powerful way to walk WITH survivors all year long! Our goal for monthly sponsorships is $100,000 in pledges for the next 12 months.