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Tri-City Ninja Warrior

Have you ever wanted to try out for American Ninja Warrior? Or maybe just see how well you’d hold up in a similar obstacle course? Now you have a chance to try it out right here in your hometown!

Team Integrity Training is hosting a series of Ninja Challenges all summer long, with proceeds from entrance fees benefiting Mirror Ministries! It’s like American Ninja Warrior, Tri-City-style!

Compete solo or in teams of 5, as many times as you want over the summer (entrance fee required for each challenge). Fastest solo competitor will receive a $250 grand prize, while the overall team champions will receive $2000 plus gear from Team Integrity’s sponsors! The group winner at each event will also receive gear as prizes.

Low element events will include: 

ROPE LADDER CRAWL- Testing core strength and balance. 

LOW COURSE RELAY- Testing Balance, Teamwork, Coordination. 

THE WALL- Testing Strength and teamwork.

OBSTACLE RELAY- Testing Strength and endurance.

High Element events will include:

VERTICAL JUNKYARD- Will test coordination, balance, strength and teamwork 

CATWALK- Will test nerve and balance

BURMA BRIDGE- Will test Balance 

ROPE CLIMB- Will test strength (1 will compete)

First Race day is June 10th from 9 to 6 pm. Learn more and register at Team Integrity Training Ninja Challenge and invite your friends with the Facebook event page!

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