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We have a great team!

Mirror Ministries is dedicated to serving survivors of sex trafficking. These precious human beings are the reason we keep coming back day after day. 

We couldn’t serve the many clients who call our hotline or come through our doors without the entire team of volunteers. In fact, we couldn’t even answer the hotline or have a door to answer without volunteers!

Each one of you participates in the important work of bringing hope and empowering survivors.


One regular volunteer is Brigette, our healing art teacher. Brigette runs Mindful Art and serves faithfully at our Outreach Center each week. Her soothing, guided art projects help survivors process emotions, unwind from the week, and get back into the right perspective. They are the highlight of the week for many!



Brigette wasn’t able to come to our volunteer appreciation event in February, so we held a special little reception for her last week. If you’ve been volunteering with us and haven’t received our thank you gifts yet, please stop by the OC to pick them up!


 Art for healing is definitely a highlight for Chris.* He’s been coming to the OC for a while now, and making progress toward his healing and life goals. But sometimes the pressures of life just spin him back around. He texted recently to ask us this:

“Can I just come in today? I really need some art therapy time to get me back on track.”


That’s the difference a team of faithful volunteers can make together. Thank you for being part of the team!

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